JENNIFER LOPEZ’s deeply religious mother reads her the riot act for her wicked, wicked ways –sources say!

IN a fiery confrontation, sources say Jennifer Lopez’s deeply religious mother read her the riot act for behaving like an “oversexed teenager” during her recent appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

J.Lo’s mom Guadalupe was said to be shocked and outraged when her daughter launched into a raunchy, dominatrix-inspired performance in front of the cameras.

Guadalupe, who lives in New York, was stunned by some of the many TV news clips of J.Lo.’s performance and couldn’t believe she’d be so over the top on a family show, according to an insider, who added: “She’s a very traditional, conservative Catholic who believes a woman’s body is only for her husband.

“She was embarrassed when she saw Jen, dressed like a dominatrix in a skimpy leather outfit and thigh-high boots, shaking her booty for the cameras. Guadalupe didn’t mince words with her.”

Even though the singer is 43 years old and a bona fide superstar, she apparently still fears her mother’s wrath.

“Guadalupe’s not one to mess with,” said the source.

“Jen knows she wouldn’t be where she is today without her support, and she was heartbroken when her mom got upset at her.”