Sex-hungry former NY Gov. ELLIOT SPITZER, who was caught with his pants down, is given the old heave-ho by CNN.

Spitzer, who was caught up in a shocking pay-for-sex prostitution scandal resigned as Governor in  2008 just barely past the two year mark into his term.

The media’s reward for  the ex-“Client Number Nine”?

A nightly news show on CNN.

 At first the disgraced politico was paired with conservative columnist Kathleen Parker on "Parker/Spitzer. 

She ankled the show  in February.

Spitzer’s forum was then renamed "In the Arena".

THUMBS DOWN, said CNN, after Spitzer’s ratings failed to rise.

Weiner to replace?

POP FYI:  Spitzer was referred to as "Client–9" in a Federal Court affidavit after he was busted in a high profile prostitution ring.