In the wake of Bill Clinton’s latest extramarital misadventures with Julie Tauber McMahon, The National ENQUIRER has compiled a Hall of Shame lineup of lady friends linked to Slick Willie.

First up is lounge singer Gennifer Flowers who claimed a 12-year affair with Clinton when he was Arkansas governor – a scandal that exploded during his presidential campaign.

Paula Jones also emerged from the Arkansas woodwork. The former state employee sued Clinton for sexual harassment in 1994 after he allegedly propositioned and exposed himself to her in a hotel three years earlier. She received $850,000 in a settlement.

Then came the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal that nearly got the President thrown out of office. In a recent interview, the ex-White House intern described herself as “the most humiliated woman in the world!”

Skirt-chasing Bill also raised eyebrows over a friendship with Barbra Streisand, whose repeated overnight visits to the White House infuriated First Lady Hillary so much that she supposedly threw a lamp at Bill’s head!

Even after Clinton left the White House, the rumors followed. He was linked to actresses Julie Bowen and Gina Gershon, socialites Ghislaine Maxwell and Sale Johnson and model-turned-actress Saffron Burrows.

The spotlight also fell on wealthy blonde Canadian divorcée Belinda Stronach, dubbed “the young Hillary.”

Recently, the old Hillary was ticked at Clinton for posing with “Ava Adora” and a woman identified as “Barbie Girl” – from Nevada’s infamous Bunny Ranch brothel. Ava told The ENQUIRER: “If President Clinton ever wants to stop by the Bunny Ranch, I’ll finish what Monica Lewinsky started.”