Casey Anthony was so indifferent to the fate of then-missing child Caylee she wanted to go on the Howard Stern Show and battled with her own father!

George Anthony had erupted in obscenity-laced rage at his daughter Casey, calling the accused murder mom a liar and demanding to know what happened to granddaughter Caylee.

"Quit your (bleeping) lying!" George screamed at Casey in their Orlando, Fla., home. "I’m not putting up with your (bleep)!"

Casey fired back: "Don’t treat me like a cop, you act like my father."

The blowup is described in new documents released by the Orange County State Attorney. The heated exchange was overheard by Tracy McLaughlin, an associate of bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who put up Casey’s bail last August.

McLaughlin was posted in the Anthony home hoping Casey would reveal the truth about Caylee instead of sticking to her discredited story that a nanny kidnapped the 2-year-old. At the time, no one knew whether the child was dead or alive.

In an interview with Sheriff’s Office Commander Matt Irwin, McLaughlin said that when George screamed at Casey, "they could have heard it across the street."

Casey’s mom Cindy broke up the tirade, but in the days that followed, George wouldn’t speak to his daughter.

In a conversation with a friend, however, George gave McLaughlin the impression that he believed Casey killed Caylee.

"He said, ‘I can’t do this. I’m not going to live this lie. If she (Casey) couldn’t trust her own family to raise her kid…’"

Casey, however, seemed to not have a care in the world. She flirted with men on the Internet, reveled in being on TV and talked endlessly about herself.

After getting out of jail, she showed no signs of stress. And avoided talking about Caylee.

"She comes in happy as can be," said McLaughlin. "’Hey, hi,’ gives me a hug. Not a word about Caylee. She’s saying, ‘Those co’s (correction officers) were so nice, and I got to do this and that. They’re sneaking me food in the jail. And they’re doing all these other things. They love me. They LOVE me.’"

One day, McLaughlin pointed to photos of Caylee in Casey’s room. Casey instead "pulled out a photo album of when she was little" and went on and on about herself.

McLaughlin was stunned when Casey suggested selling autographed photos of herself. She also wanted to go on Howard Stern‘s radio show, but rejected the idea because she said the shock jock would want to know her bra size and if attorney Jose Baez was having sex with her.

Casey has been jailed since last fall, and her murder trial begins the summer of 2010.