OCTO-MOM Nadya Suleman under investigation as former nannies level charges — reports.

Suleman is said to be investigated for allowing her older children to physically and sexually abuse her eight younger children as former nannies claim that the youngest sported black eyes and bruises.

The nannies, who have chosen to remain anonymous, reported, said that they saw the abuse against the octuplets and spoke out because they feared it was escalating.

“I feel like those children are in danger,” one of the anonymous nannies told Los Angeles CBS2’s Stacey Butler.  “I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.”

According to the news affiliate, the La Habra police detectives called one of the women into the station for an interview and have completed their investigation into the alleged abuse and said they plan to send the case to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office within the next several days.

One of the nanny’s shocking allegations includes claims of sexual abuse by the older boys on a younger sister.

“(One of the boys) would take (his sibling) away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her. I told Nadya everything. She never did (anything). ‘It’s okay, don’t worry about it.’ That was her attitude,” the woman said.

The nannies were apparently so worried about the children that they placed letters in every mailbox on Suleman’s block,  writing: “please have social services check Nydia’s (sic) home. There are things going on in the home that need attention right away. The octuplets are not safe. You will be sorry for not checking out now if something bad happens later.”

Three neighbors claim to have mailed a copy of the note to Child Protective Services and called police.

Nadya Suleman is denying the allegations.