I THINK I LOVE YOU! Woman claims teen idol DAVID CASSIDY is her secret daddy after torrid one night stand with mom 40 years ago!

That’s the claim that  North Carolina woman, Shelly Wright, is making after suffering through decades of doubt and confusion about her father’s true identity. reported that  Wright says: “I just want him to finally acknowledge me. I’m not getting any younger and I just want some closure. I want to meet my dad.”

Wright was raised by her mother, Donna G. Wallace and famed Nashville songwriter James Bohon.

But as a child, Wright says, she always felt that something was OFF, that the man was not her real father. “I didn’t look anything like him, and my whole family always talked about it,” she said.

“He always picked up my sister instead of me and had more of a relationship with her through the years. I was confused.”

“When I got old enough, I finally confronted my mom and said, ‘Why does everyone always say how I don’t look like Bo?’ I was like, ‘If he’s NOT my dad just tell me,’” Wright says. That’s when her mother told her a story that would shock her.

Shelly’s mother and Bohon briefly separated in 1973, but Wallace “was always around famous country singers because of who she was married to,” Wright claims.

“One night, she went out with one of her friends, and David Cassidy was there. He was on tour and had a show in Nashville. They both got drunk and slept together in the back room, a VIP room.”

“It was just a one-night thing,” Wright adds. “She ended up pregnant and she went back to James Bohon because she already had a child with him,” knowing all along that Cassidy was the real father.

When Wallace told her the story, Wright says: “I was like, ‘Mom, my god, why didn’t you tell me that?!’ And she was just like, ‘Google him and see who he is. He’s kind of cocky and arrogant.’”

 “So I finally Google the guy and I was shocked," Wright remembers.

Not only did Cassidy look just like her, Wright believes, but she also bears a striking resemblance to Cassidy’s other daughter — actress Katie Cassidy who stars on the CW’s “Arrow”.

Still, Wright kept the story a secret for several decades, until she began to have children of her own and became desperate for "the truth".

“I know he’s my father. But I really want to get some closure, to know for sure and to have other people know too.”

Fact or fantasy?  Only a DNA test will reveal the true story – and THAT remains to be determined.