Self-described beauty guru and former pageant winner BRIE LYBRAND defames dad as sexual abuser who raped her.

Lybrand, created a conflagration of controversy throughout the internet posting a grim on YouTube addressing her alleged rapist father, threatening him with no less than three guns. 

Brie Lybrand put up a twelve minute piece in which she explains that her abusive father has subscribed to her channel.

She implores “now is the time” for her to speak out about his alleged crimes.

“I just got an email from You Tube saying the man that raped me for most of my life subscribed to me. The man that took my virginity, robbed me of innocence, has subscribed to me on You Tube and is watching my videos,” she said on the video.

“I never got to testify in court and tell him what it feels like being tied up and chained and tortured for hours when you're four years old by your father,” Lybrand continued.

“I wish for your death every day,” she begins to conclude her emotion drenched tirade. “You don't deserve to breathe the same air that I breathe. When you die, I will find your grave and I'm going to take a big, heaping dump on it because that's what you deserve.”

While the beauty guru’s video channel on You Tube is said to be seen by thousands of followers, some bloggers and online snark dens are debating whether Lybrand’s claims are legit or is she just making a “name for herself online” by any means necessary.