SHIRLEY MACLAINE has let her front yard go to the dogs – literally – and one of her neigh­bors is howling mad!

The neighbor claims that the 79-year-old Oscar winner has violated the rules of the homeowners’ association at her ritzy gated townhouse community for the love of her rat terriers, Terry and Buddy-Bub.

“Shirley’s dogs bark constantly!” the neighbor in Malibu told The ENQUIRER.

“I’ve been annoyed about it for some time, but Shirley really crossed the line when she set up a make­shift ‘dog run’ area in front of her door.

“That’s a direct violation of the home-owners’ association rules, but for some reason she’s been given an exemption. For every­one else, the rules prohibit any pets from being outside and unat­tended.”

The “Terms of Endearment” star is so attached to her older pooch Terry that she’s called the tail-wagger the “love of her life.”

But the neighbor isn’t as warm and fuzzy about the dog.

“I’m pursuing my complaint, and the matter will be decided at the next board meeting,” huffed the neighbor.

When The ENQUIRER asked Shirley’s camp for a comment, we received the following response: “(Our neighbor) is the only one in the HOA who is mad at us. That’s because we bark when he comes close to take pictures of our mom. And we don’t have a dog run, but we would like to build one and put him in it and chase him around. He is not a loving man. He is a jerk that no one in our HOA likes. Please ask him not to hurt us. Signed, Terry and Brother Buddy-Bub MacLaine.”