Transformers star Shia Labeouf eye injury shocker!

Initial reports suggest the thesp was injured during a stunt but the truth is far more grisly than reported,

"We were in the middle of some chaos and I mistimed something and impaled my face on a spike," Shia explained.

"I came up and I had a spike in my eye and I had blood coming down my face and it was the dark, dark purplish kind, which is actually a great thing.

"If it had been red-ish and clear, it would mean my eye popped."

Costar and oft-linked love interest Megan Fox revealed, "His face was destroyed.  He has the highest tolerance for pain that I’ve ever seen in a human being."

Shia was treated at a nearby Air Force clinic by an ophthalmologist and was back battling giant robots in disguise four hours later!