Denise Richards‘ ongoing battle with Charlie Sheen resumed yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court but didn’t get what she wanted.

Richards and her attorney brought a potentially damning video to help back their case but the judge didn’t even watch it.

Instead he listened to two experts’ views and orders changed to the current custody agreement.

Sheen’s attorney claimed they were "nothing meaningful."

Richard’s attorney said they were beneficial to their two daughters. 

Although Neal Hersh, DR’s barrister acknowledged Superior Court commish Harvey Silberman refused to grant some of the items Team Richards had asked for.

The dyspeptic duos finalized a bitter divorce in 2006 and have been battling ever since over the custody and are of daughters, Sam, 4, and Lola, 3.

Sheen did not appear but his attorney Fern Wenders said he was pleased with the outcome.

And the beat goes on…