LATEST: Colorado prosecutors don’t want a judge to lift a restraining order against Charlie Sheen, who is accused of threatening his wife with a knife.

Meanwhile, taking a tip perhaps from Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen has sweetened the missus’ prenup by another $1 million to stay put. reports that sources close to the Three and a Half Men star  say Sheen will pay Brooke Mueller another million to stay in the marriage if a) he stays OUT of prison and B) they remain married.

Muelller told pals that Sheen’s legal team has offered her the additional payola in the wake of Charlie’s Xmas arrest on domestic violence charges after a night of the couple’s boozy brawling.

Brooke has hired hot shot divorce lawyer Yale Galanter, who says Brooke wants to work on "resolving the conflicts" in their sham of a marriage.

And says she has a million MORE reasons to do so!

Sources close to Mueller say she was told by Team Sheen that if he goes to prison, there’ll be no money for her nor child support for  twins, Max and Bob.

But Brooke also knows if she tries to change her initial story to cops she could be charged with filing false charges and liable for prosecution herself.

Now, caught between a rock and a hard place Brooke hired Galanter to try and work a deal that allow her to finally divorce wild man Charlie but not be left penniless, according to multiple sources.

The Christmas brouhaha began after an all night booze fest climaxing with Brooke saying she wanted a divorce which allegedly prompted an angry response from her soused spouse.