Published on: May 14, 2013
Photography by: Getty

CHARLIE SHEEN’s ex wife BROOKE MUELLER, was using drugs when pregnant with their twins.

Two of Brooke Mueller‘s multiple rehab stints occurred while she was pregnant with twins Bob and Max and married to Charlie Sheen, RadarOnline. reported.

The startling information that Mueller used drugs while pregnant comes in the wake of her temporarily losing custody of the twins to Charlie’s ex-wife, Denise Richards.

What’s more, Radar has learned from several sources that Brooke has been to rehab 20 times over the years.

During Mueller’s pregnancy with Sheen’s twins, “she went to rehab twice because she was using drugs,” a source said.

 “Brooke’s two rehab stints consisted of less than 30 days.

“It just shows how far gone Brooke is with her battle of using crystal meth. The fact that she couldn’t stay sober while carrying Bob and Max caused Charlie great anguish.”

Mueller recently checked into the Betty Ford Clinic for a 30-day treatment stint, marking the 20th time she’s entered a treatment facility to seek help for substance abuse.