William Shatner – star war of words with ex-costar!

Shatner fired full-on phaser torpedoes for ex-crewmate "Sulu" George Takei‘s gay marriage snub.  Cap’n Kirk was not invited after Takei dissed Bill in his tell-all memoir.

Takei had called Shatner out for his vanity while filming the classic sci-fi film and TV series. When Takei wed longtime BF Brad Altman Shatner was expressely not invited to the historic gay nups.

Still smarting, the Boston Legal star spoke his mind on a YouTube vid.

"The whole thing makes me feel badly," Shatner said.  "The poor man, there’s such a sickness there. It’s so patently obvious that there’s a psychosis there.

"There must be something else inside George that is festering, and makes him so unhappy that he takes it out on me."

And then like so many of his Captain’s Log entries, Shatner remains hopeful that they can bury the hatchet not in each other but somewhere beyond the stars.

 "He and I don’t have many years left on this world," he rued philosophically.