Bravely facing the fight of her life against colon cancer, Sharon Osbourne admits that anger and depression nearly overwhelmed her until she came up with a unique therapy: A top-secret video diary.

The beloved, no-nonsense den mother of MTV’s deranged rock clan is taping a daily personal record of her harrowing, six-month chemotherapy course on a camera set up in her bedroom.

And she stresses that the video is private and NOT for prime time on the family show!

“I like to make people laugh on the show — and that’s not what this is about,” Ozzy Osbourne’s 49-year-old wife told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

Despite her chin-up, take-no-prisoners attitude, the cancer treatments take a terrible toll on Sharon.

“I feel fine right now but I can’t wait for the treatments to be finished,” she said.

“I wish I could do them all one right after the other, but I can’t.

“I get tired a lot more now and I have to throw up a lot.

“There are times when I feel like I can’t go on. One day I told my brother David, ‘I can’t do this anymore . . . I can’t!’

“But then you wake up the next day and you feel better. And everybody has been so supportive.”

As chemo tested her courage, Sharon grew even more determined to keep her morale up — and she suddenly hit on the idea of pouring her heart out in a video diary.

“It’s just me talking to the camera, laying bare my feelings,” she said. “If I feel angry, I talk about my anger. If I’m sad or depressed, I try to tell the camera why. It’s just a way to get my feelings out.”

While Sharon is undergoing chemo, her doctors won’t let her go to the movies for fear she might catch something due to her weakened immune system.

But she’d love to watch the Osbournes’ hilarious cameo in Mike Myers’ smash hit “Austin Powers in Goldmember.”

So be a pal, Mike — order studio moguls to messenger over a DVD — ASAP, bay-bee!