Sharon Osbourne — queen bee of the kooky rock clan, the Osbournes — nearly died early in July after her four-hour operation for colon cancer.

“I had quite a scare after the operation,” the 49-year-old revealed in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview.

“I lost a lot of blood during the surgery and I found out later that my blood pressure dropped dangerously low.

“I had to have an emergency transfusion with three pints of blood. It was really touch and go there. Everybody thought I was going to croak!”

Sharon’s surgery and the transfusion took place on July 3 at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Afterward, she spent five days recuperating at the hospital.

“It’s wonderful to get back home, surrounded by the dogs and cats and the kids,” she told The ENQUIRER.

But Sharon — who’s been married to her rocker hubby Ozzy for 20 years — is now facing the fight of her life because she recently learned the cancer has moved to her lymph glands.

She is scheduled to start six months of chemotherapy to fight the cancer spread.

Ever the show-woman, Sharon is planning to have the chemo sessions filmed for next year’s season of “The Osbournes” on MTV!

Even as she starts in on her chemo, Sharon revealed she is far more worried about her beloved hubby Ozzy than she is about herself.

“Ozzy’s been much more devastated by all of this than I have,” said Sharon.

“When I first got the bad news about the cancer spreading my attitude was, let’s get on with it. But Ozzy has been taking it very hard. People ask him how I’m doing and he breaks down in tears!

“He didn’t want to go back out on his annual Ozzfest tour but I made him because I thought it might help take his mind off things.

“But he still calls constantly to say how lonely he is without me and the family.

“The irony is I have to stay strong for him because I worry about him having a complete breakdown. When we first learned that I had cancer, he became hysterical. The doctor had to come to the house and sedate him!

“He is coming off the Ozzfest tour after the Atlanta date to be with me for the first three courses of chemo.

“He called and said, ‘Mama, I’m coming home!’

“I want ENQUIRER readers to know I’m not just fine, I’m bleeping-hot!