“NOW I’LL HAVE everything I’ve always wanted!”

That’s how a giddy-with-happiness Shania Twain broke the news to record company execs in Nashville that she’s 4 1/2 months pregnant with her first child by hubby Mutt Lange.

“Shania just couldn’t keep the news to herself any longer, especially since she’s starting to show,” a Nashville insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Shania and Mutt are living near Geneva, Switzerland, where she’s recording an album.”

The 35-year-old songbird shared the stork news with family members weeks ago, but swore them all to secrecy.

“Eilleen — we still call her by her real name — called all her family back in Canada on Christmas Eve to say she was pregnant,” a family insider confided.

“Shania told me, ‘I’ve always wanted to have a baby, but in my head, I always was thinking later rather than sooner. I guess later’s finally arrived!’

“She’s ecstatic and a little scared at the same time.

“But if Shania tackles motherhood the way she has her career, she’s going to be the best mom ever!”