FAMILY GUY creator SETH MACFARLANE ditched his girlfriend “Game of Thrones” dragon master EMILIA CLARKE because of her shameless public nudity on Broadway – which sources say ruled her out as a potential wife.

The Academy Awards host couldn’t deal with the gor­geous “Game of Thrones” actress appearing nightly in the buff as Holly Golightly in the new stage version of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Everyone thinks Seth is this wild-and-crazy playboy, but he’s really conservative when it comes to the women he wants to get serious about,” explained the insider. “He was getting ribbed by his friends about Emilia’s butt-naked scene, and even family members were calling to tell him they couldn’t wait to see his girlfriend in the flesh. The entire world began making a huge fuss.

“Seth’s no prude, but he is old-fashioned in some respects. And all the ‘birthday suit’ buzz got to be too much for him.”

Some sources say the relationship ran into trouble because Seth is rooted in California while 25-year-old English-born Emilia films “Game of Thrones” in Europe. But the final straw for Seth was her full-frontal bathtub scene that had frenzied Broadway patrons reaching for their cameras.

And the brunette beauty is no stranger to nude scenes.

She rocketed to fame playing sexy blonde Daenerys Targaryen in her popular HBO medieval fantasy series, which required her to do sex scenes.

But 39-year-old Seth, who wants to get married and start a family, apparently wants a “no-baggage girl” to take home to the family.

“Seth is no saint and clearly took advantage of his fame by dating hot actresses and su­permodels,” said the source. “But now he’s looking to settle down, and the last thing he wants is a wife who’s got naked photos just a mouse-click away.”