LATEST! White House claims they’re “clean” in the burgeoning Secret Service prostitute scandal despite Defense Department insider report.

White House press secretary Jay Carney told media a White House lawyer began an in-house investigation of the Secret Service personell in Cartagena during the prostitution scandal, and that it found "no indication of any misconduct" by the White House team, ABC News reported.

 "I don't think it's useful to get into the details of how the review was conducted," Carney said. "I don't have, and I'm not going to give you, a blow-by-blow of what is involved in the review."

Carney was asked a stunning report on the news website Nextgov claiming a person in the White House Communications Agency, the military group that informs the president and his staff members, was under investigation. He declined to answer questions about it, passing the buck to the Defense Department

ABC News reported that a senior, unnamed defense official divulged to a press pool traveling with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that a member of the military assigned to the White House communications team is indeed under investigation.

“A military service member attached to the White House Communications Agency is under investigation related to the incident in Cartagena," an unnamed Defense spokesperson said. "The individual has been relieved of his duties pending the outcome of the investigation. The White House Communications Agency provides information services to the executive branch, Secret Service and others as directed, but it reports to the Defense Information Systems Agency."

White House Press secretary Carney scoffed at the report, "If someone comes to us with some credible allegation that anybody at the White House was involved in any inappropriate conduct, I'm sure that we'll look at it, but (this) …is an attempt by some to throw rumors out there."

As The ENQUIRER reported previously the key prostitute involvedin the scandal, Dania Suarez,  has now “disappeared” under advice of her lawyer. (see prior coverage below)