This is the year the San Diego Comic Con officially became nothing more than a Hollywood marketing tool.

Batman producer Michael Uslan charged the festive gathering has little to do with comics anymore.

"I think Comic-Con is in danger of having Hollywood co-opt its soul," claimed Uslan, who attended the first ever con during 1964 in New York.

"It’s turning into something new, and you could really see it this year. There’s some worry about that."

This coming from Uslan who’s had his finger in every Bat-pie since the 1989 Tim Burton – Michael Keaton big screen reboot and who’s recent The Dark Knight just broke the $300 mill barrier.

Jamie King, starring in Will Eisner’s The Spirit agreed, "There does seem to be some random booths here which don’t have anything to do with comics."

On the plus side, Hugh Jackman made a surprise appearance to chat about X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

And news that the Legion of Super Heroes will be appearing on Smallville this season!

Oh, and some folks dressed up and got silly as folks are wont to do at such august gatherings.

And somewhere, some place, kids still traded ratty copies of dog-earned funny books.