RYAN SEACRET lays down the law to fiancée  JULIANNE HOUGH – only ONE career in the family!

The 37-year-old “American Idol” bachelor wants to marry his stunning 23-year-old lady love before the year is out, but he’s telling Julianne he makes enough money for the both of them and Ryan wants her to be a stay-at-home wife and be there for their kids when they have them.

“Ryan wants a family, and he keeps reminding Julianne that he makes more than enough money to support them both,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “He said there’s only room for one workaholic in the family.”

But Julianne – who recently made a splash in the Tom Cruise movie “Rock of Ages” – may not be ready to quit working.

“Julianne is torn – she’s desperate to marry, but she’s one of the most in-demand talents in Hollywood right now,” said the insider.

The multi-talented beauty got her start as a “Dancing with the Stars” pro and now has a thriving singing and acting career. She just wrapped a starring role opposite Russell Brand in “Lamb of God” and is now filming the romantic thriller “Safe Haven” with Josh Duhamel.

Ryan’s demand may sound old-fashioned, but he’s deeply in love with Julianne and has been on a spending spree to show her that he’s dead serious about marriage and having kids.

The radio host and reality TV producer, who’s worth an estimated $125 million, recently spent a staggering $37 million to buy a 9,200-square-foot, 2.7-acre Beverly Hills estate that was owned by Ellen DeGeneres.

“When Ryan walked Julianne through the house the first time, he picked her up and carried her over the threshold like a bride and whispered into her ear, ‘This is OUR home,’” the insider revealed.

“Ryan’s ready to start a family and the only sticking point is that he wants Julianne to cut back on her career. He wants her to be a star one day, but for now, he’d rather she focus on their home life.”

The question is: Does Julianne love Ryan enough to put her career on hold and be a stay-at-home mom?