The CBS Evening News anchor keeps chilling remembrance of the past hidden from viewers.

While Pelley is usually the one asking the questions, he was recently the subject of a recent “reach around” puff piece by a local CBS affiliate in Tulsa, Ok.

While doing the usual PR blather, saying his  job “too wild a dream for me to even imagine” he suddenly revealed his secret shrine – one that’s hidden from TV viewers.

Pelley keeps the photographs of the 15 CBS News correspondents who have been killed in the line of duty on his desk – just out of the camera lens’ range.

“I keep them on the set because I don’t ever want to forget them, and I don’t want to forget what people are doing all around the world for the ‘CBS Evening News’ every single day,” Pelley said.

Pelley has done his share of harrowing reporting as well- reporting live from the collapse of the world trade centers on 9/11 and reporting extensively from the Middle East warzone, garnering several Emmys and Peabody Awards for his news gathering.