Royals in a panic as way-too-thin, exhausted KATE MIDDLETON collapses, The ENQUIRER has learned.
She collapsed from exhaustion at the end of the couple’s recent whirl­wind tour of North America and now Prince William, the future king, has ordered Kate, 29, to get im­mediate bed rest.  
Now Royal insiders are fraught with fears about Kate’s health – fears that she’s lost too much weight.
They’re terrified Kate’s putting her life at risk and ruining her chances of conceiving a child that the royal couple is yearning to have – by starving herself.
“Kate is totally exhausted,” Nicholas Da­vies, a friend of the late Princess Diana, told The ENQUIRER.
“She has been living in a constant pressure cooker since she got engaged to William last November.
“Behind the radiant smilesthat capti­vated Hollywood, Kate was suffering. And now she has lost far too much weight.”
While Prince William is well-accustomed to royal tours, his wife found the 11-day trip daunting, say sources. Since the couple’s return, the palace has ordered a ban on of­ficial engagements to allow Kate to get as much bed rest as she needs, while William, 29, resumes his duties as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot.
“Kate never expected royal duties to prove so stressful and exhausting,” Davies continued. "William supported her as best he could, but he wasn’t surprised when they returned home and she just collapsed from the exhaustion.”
It’s keeping up with her royal duties that have friends and family concerned that Kate's starving herself to maintain her regal image.
The health fears come as reports that Kate’s body weight mass may have dropped to a point where conception may be an issue. 
“Kate’s got to relax and start eating properly because her next royal duty is to produce a son and heir,” another source divulged.
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