Shocking testimony! Opening of Penn State pedophile trial of pervy ex-coach JERRY SANDUSKY opens with nauseating testimony of VICTIM 4.

Prosecutors described during opening statements how Sandusky, the former Penn State university football coach — who is charged with 52 counts of abuse of 10 boys over a 15-year period  — as a "predatory pedophile," whose defilement of young boys occurred "not over days, not over weeks, not even over months, but in some cases over years."

Jurors and a packed courtroom were spellbound as one of Sandusky’s alleged vics – identified only as Victim 4 – testified how he had met  Sandusky through the a charity which Sandusky founded in 1977 when he was a teen.

The witness told the courtroom in graphic detail  that during a trip to the Alamo Bowl Sandusky entered the room where Victim No. 4 was showering.  He said Sandusky grabbed Victim No. 4's shoulders, pushing him down, demanding to "go down there" and give Sandusky oral sex.

The witness also testified that Sandusky threatened him if he didn’t do as he was commanded.

Not surprisingly that attempt was suddenly interrupted when Sandusky's wife entered the room.

Victim No. 4 also testified Sandusky would also molest him while showering showers on the Penn State Campus.

He also touched the witness’ leg when they were together on long road trips "like I was his girlfriend".

But he testified he was too scared to report the repeated sexual abuse.

Victim 4 also told the court he enjoyed Sandusky taking him to football games and having everything paid for.

"Other than (the abuse), things were nice and I didn't want to lose that," Victim 4 testified.