Winona Ryder was videotaped leaving a hip L.A. shop with clothing she reportedly didn’t pay for. Police weren’t involved and no charges were filed.

The alleged incident occurred two months after 33-year-old Ryder completed probation for grand theft in 2001 at the Saks store in Beverly Hills.

On July 25, a camera at Shabon caught Ryder walking off with boots and a belt, an insider claims. The tape allegedly showed her arriving in platform shoes and walking out in brown suede boots. The insider says a price tag could also be seen on a $35 belt, and adds that Ryder had received a 10 percent discount on $350 in other purchases.

The owner called Ryder’s assistant, who paid for the boots and belt on the assistant’s credit card. “It was crystal clear she had taken the items,” claims the insider. He said owner Rie Fujii gave Ryder a week to return the apparel, then called the actress’s assistant and made it clear there was tape of her leaving the store with unpaidfor items. “Rie said that now the situation was resolved,” said the insider.

In 2002, Ryder was ordered to pay $10,000 in fines and restitution and put on three years’ probation.

Ryder’s rep said: “This is an inaccurate portrayal of events. There was no impropriety. All items were paid in full.”