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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – unless you’re Ryan Seacrest.

The “American Idol” host hit it off with stunning blonde model Shonna Biss when he was in Sin City producing a show a month ago, and now he’s hooking up with her in Los Angeles.

“They met at Tryst nightclub in Vegas while he was working on the new E! series ‘Paradise City,'” revealed an insider. “Ryan noticed her right away and asked one of his assistants to get her name.

“And when it turned out that Shonna’s name was similar to ex-girlfriend Shana Wall, he took it as a good sign.”

Ryan, 32, wanted to get together with 28-year-old Shonna right away, but because they live in different cities and have extremely busy schedules, it was difficult. But they spent a lot of time talking on the phone and agreed to rendezvous in L.A. at the end of March.

Ryan’s been complaining that his workaholism doomed his romance with Shana – and he’s thrilled to start dating again, says a close pal.

“He’s hoping that Shonna can change his dating drought and put some romance back in his life.”