As the Cold War reignites with Sec-o-State HILLARY CLINTON accusing Syria and Russia of playing footsies, deported spy babe ANNA CHAPMAN hits the catwalk in Turkey. Is she just striking a pose or exchanging intimate top secrets?

Anna, 30, who returned to the former USSR, now Putin-Land, hit the Ankara speedway in a long red dress flanked by two toyboy models dressed as Secret Service men.

She was embraced as a heroine of mother Russia after she was caught in New York in 2010 along with nine other sleeper agents and promptly expelled from the U.S.

Like a James Bond girl villainess, Anna is alleged to have traded nookie for hush-hush confidential secrets.

Since then she’s been eyeballed at a cinema sporting 3D glasses and started anew as a venture capitalist – modeling, editing a glam mag and rousing nearly blind children.

Hikmet Eraslan told AP his Dosso Dossi clothing company dropped some hard earned cash to Anna’s fave rave charity foundation for children with poor eyesight in Volgograd in return for her striking appearance on the catwalk in Antalya, a top Turk jet set spot for vacationing decadent capitalists.

Is Anna back to her old tricks or is she merely doing good works?

Only time will tell…