Success has gone to Russell Crowe’s head — he’s run up a $150,000 tab getting his hair styled for his new flick.

Some say he got clipped . . . but he also got dyed!

After the “Gladiator” star arrived in Mexico to film “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World,” he demanded producers get rid of the hair expert they’d hired and instead fly in Crowe’s own personal stylist — all the way from Sydney, Australia.

The on-set buzz is that the 38-year-old hunk is going gray and is very sensitive about the way his locks look.

His stylist of choice, Belinda Jeffrey, made a number of VIP trips to the set, flying first-class every time and staying in the best hotels.

What’s more, in addition to her fee, Belinda got compensated for the business she lost back home during her trips to the Mexican set.

Producers found it hard to brush off the $150,000 price tag since Belinda was the only stylist their hair-raising hunk would allow near his crowning glory.

Belinda is a specialist in hair coloring who’s won major awards in Australia. Top magazines use her to color the hair of their cover models.

In “Master and Commander,” Crowe got new blond tresses for his role as British navy captain Jack Aubrey, a fictional hero in England’s war against Napoleon.