Oscar winner RUSSELL CROWE was Down Under when he snapped video and pix of a streaking object of unknown origin in the sky. 

Crowe tweeted late Tuesday about a flash he witnesses that zipped across the heavens above his Woolloomooloo, Australia office.

Crowe was monitoring fruit bats rising from botanical gardens so he captured the eerie moment on camera.

He thinks he saw not a “puddy cat” but a UFO.

His camera, a Canon 5D, had no flash, and Crwe claimed, the image across the three photos he took "can't be a lense (sic) flare because it moves, camera is fixed."

The images, spread 4.5 seconds apart, were posted online, to which he noted, "I will grant you at the time the music wasn't playing, also, yes, we have pushed in on the frame..this is 3 photo's in order, nothing added."

A skeptic on the YouTube video, burst the bubble on Crowe’s flight of fantasy.

"OK kiddies, get ya google maps out, and zoom in on finger wharf 10 in Woolloomooloo, Sydney," the realist wrote.  

"Russ's place is near the end of the wharf, the shot is taken looking west towards the botanic gardens and Mrs Macquarie's Rd…. In the video you see 2 cars drive along Mrs Macquaries Rd, keeping in mind it's a time lapse shot with the shutter open for a number of seconds.

“The 'UFO' lights are a yacht passing in the foreground… there are lots of millionaires yachts moored there."