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Despite being the subject of new flick starring Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning, the real Runaways are still battling and Joan Jett is taking NO prisoners!

Jett and her record label Blackheart Records are suing former Runaways bassist Jacqueline Fuchs alleging the "disgruntled" ex-band mate is disrupting Jett’s merchandising and movie making efforts despite having abruptly quit in 1977.

According to Jett, Fuchs ditched the band during a sold-out tour of Japan, forcing Jett to take up the bass temporarily.

Fuchs and her business partner then threatened to sue Joan and her biz partner if they continued selling band tie-ins and gear, claiming a right to the Runaways trademark.

Jett says in the suit filed n New York County Court that Fuchs then demanded a look-see at the script for the new movie despite the fact there is NO character based on Fuchs in the new K-Stew flick.

The Runaways were together for all of four years during the late 1970s and pumped out  chartbusters like "I Hate Myself for Lovin’ You" and "Cherry Bomb". 

Joan then enjoyed a successful solo career whose hits include "Love Is a Battlefield", becoming a feminist rocker icon. 

Fuchs went from Japan to obscurity.