RUMER WILLIS is hooked on her mom Demi Moore’s bizarre New Age lifestyle – and it’s destroyed her romance with “New Normal” star Jayson Blair, an insider says.

Jayson, 30, dumped Bruce Willis’ 25-year-old daughter after he could no longer stand her newfound love of mystical crys­tals, chanting, meditation and a form of yoga she practices with her “Striptease”- star mom while wearing a white turban.

“Jayson got fed up with Rumer’s wacky alternative practices,” revealed a close source. “He tried his best to go along with her, but it’s just not his bag.”

Over the past several months, Rumer repaired her rocky relationship with her mom, the source says, and the closer they became, the more she dove into Demi’s practice of reciting Sanskrit scriptures and studying Eastern mysticism.

Apparently, it all grew too weird for Jayson, who’d been dating Rumer for a year.

“He missed doing normal, ‘couple things’ like making dinner, going to movies and enjoying a glass of wine,” said the source. “Rumer even swore off caffeine and alcohol.”

In a show of togetherness this past June, Jayson reportedly accompanied 51-year-old Demi and Rumer on a spiritual pilgrimage to New Mexico. They prayed, meditated, slept in a teepee and held a seance to contact Demi’s late mom, Virginia Guynes.

“After the seance, Jayson began having second thoughts about a future with Rumer,” revealed the source. “She told him if he couldn’t accept her the way she was, they should part ways. And that’s exactly what happened.”