WINDSORS in uproar as KATE MIDDLETON’s chances of wedding PRINCE WILLIAM in jeopardy as scandal erupts in the UK!

Kate Middleton’s brother is involved in an embarrassing scandal that is threatening to destroy Kate’s chances of marrying Prince William!

James Middleton works for a get-rich-quick investment firm that is now under investigation for possible illegal financial hanky-panky.

The royal family has now pushed back Kate and Wills’ planned wedding all the way until June of 2012 – to make sure the investment scandal doesn’t taint the marriage.

"The last thing the royal family wants is to have Wills’ future brother-in-law arrested during the wedding festivities," said a royal insider.

"By 2012 the investigation should be over, and James Middleton will have been cleared, or not.

"Kate is very upset about the delay. It just gets worse and worse for her. She’s been waiting seven years to marry Wills – and now she thinks the royals are just looking for any excuse to freeze her out."

The Windsors are worried that Kate’s brother could bring yet more negative attention to their scandal-plagued family.

In the royals’ latest misdeed, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was caught on tape accepting a $40,000 bribe in exchange for giving a businessman access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew.

Fergie later blamed her financial desperation and drinking for taking the money.

This isn’t the first time Kate’s family has raised eyebrows at the palace. Her uncle Gary was previously exposed as a coke-sniffing playboy who dealt in drugs and hookers. And James and younger sister Pippa have been accused of cashing in on Kate’s royal connections.

Britain’s Financial Services Authority – the watchdog that regulates the financial industry – is now probing the activities of James’ investment company. Although he may eventually be cleared of any wrongdoing, the investigation could drag on for many months.

Meanwhile, Kate has been dating Wills for more than eight years and still doesn’t have a ring to show for it.

Said the insider: "Whether Kate will hang around much longer remains to be seen."