PRINCE William and his bride Kate have an heir to the throne on the way – and they’ve ordered bombproof baby seats to protect the precious new arrival!

“With the current tensions in the world and suicide bombers able to strike anywhere in these dangerous times, the royal family can’t be too safe,” a palace secu­rity insider told The ENQUIRER. “This baby will be third in line to the throne and cannot be put at risk.”

The source adds that the royal family has become even more of a target since heroic Prince Harry, now flying an Apache helicopter in combat in Afghani­stan, killed a Taliban commander in a Hellfire missile attack in late October.

The long arm of the terror­ists can easily reach Britain, so William and Kate’s specially de­signed $5,000 chairs are being built to withstand a bomb at­tack – and they’re ordering two just in case they have twins. The insider says the baby car “thrones” will be constructed with a tita­nium frame that will be bolted to the royal lim­ousine so they don’t “take off ” in an ex­plosion.

The seats’ padding will be made of Kevlar, the lifesaving ma­terial used in bulletproof jack­ets to protect troops in Afghanistan. The covering will be regular fabric with a baby-friendly design.

“The seats are being designed to survive a bomb blast or a bullet but still look and feel comfy,” said the security insider. “To the untrained eye, it will be just like a normal baby seat with a pretty material covering. But make no mistake, this is a serious piece of engineering.

“We also have to beef up security around Kate and William be­cause they will be together as a family and we have to make sure nothing happens.”

Kate’s pregnancy has al­ready been difficult. She developed an extreme case of morning sickness that hos­pitalized her in December. And during her stay, tragedy struck when a nurse committed suicide after accepting a prank call to the hospital made by two Australian radio hosts.

THE BABY SEAT IS JUST PART of $1 million security plans being drawn up for the new arrival or arrivals. They include a bombproof Rolls-Royce that will also be fitted with one or two mini gas masks in the event of a deadly chemical attack.

The car will be escorted by heavily armed motorcycle rid­ers, and highly trained women officers are being drafted to look after the whole family when they go out.

A top-notch team of royal security personnel and MI5 se­cret agents are handling the protection scheme and liaising closely with the parents-to-be.

“William and Kate both want as normal a life as possible,” said the royal insider.

“But they don’t want to take any chances with their baby.”