Rosie O’Donnell is writing a book: Celebrity Detox, set to debut this fall. After all, the former View co-host told the audience at a gathering for BookExpo America, she had “an interesting year.”

Rosie promises the book will offer an honest look at her life as a very public figure, including her ongoing battles on The View with co-host and conservative thinker Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Though Rosie claims the book will not be “vindictive” or “mean-spirited,” but rather it will reveal the stunning truth about fame.

“It’s, in fact, a drug,” the controversial 45-year-old star said of fame. She spoke of watching her celebrity peers radically transform themselves when touched by super-stardom, claiming they looked like victims of crystal meth.

Though the book was supposed to come out a few years ago, Rosie confessed that she decided she wasn’t ready and not quite “cooked.” But the end of her recent eight-month tenure on the The View has given her motivation to pen her struggles and revelations in book she calls “half blog” and “half writing.”