ROSIE O’DONNELL backed out of a $5.6 million contract to buy singer Olivia Newton-John’s stunning Florida mansion because she’s afraid the house is haunted!

Despite signing on the dotted line to purchase the posh property in tony Jupiter Island, Fla., Rosie ditched the deal after learning that a hired contractor committed suicide in the home last month.

Rosie was buying the house for the mother of her wife, Michelle Rounds, whom the star married in 2012.

“The suicide happened just three days before closing, and Rosie immediately backed out,” a source said.

 “Olivia and her husband, John Easterling, decided not to force her to honor the contract.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported on Aug. 30, cops confirmed that Christopher Pariseleti, 42, shot himself to death in a back bedroom of the home. Olivia and her husband were away at the time.

Former “View” co-host Rosie has already had to deal with one spooky home. She owned the 22-room New York mansion that once belonged to actress Helen Hayes, and it was said to be haunted by the ghost of Helen’s daughter Mary McArthur, who died of polio in 1949 at the age of 19.

Rosie also delved into the paranormal by asking psychic George Anderson to contact the spirit of her mother, who died from cancer when Rosie was 10. She insisted that he succeeded.

“The contractor’s suicide was a horrible tragedy, but it hap­pened in an area of the home that’s not usually occupied and caused no damage,” added the source. “Still, once Rosie heard about it, she dropped the house like a hot potato!”