Rosie O’Donnell: New Health Fears

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ROSIE O’DONNELL’s wife is scared to death that the star is pushing herself too hard following a heart attack and major weight-loss surgery.

The 5-foot-7 former talk-show queen recently revealed she underwent complicated gastric sleeve surgery last July and has been able to shed 40 pounds, dropping from a gargantuan 220 pounds down to 180.

The operation followed what the 51-year-old comedian says was a life-threatening heart attack in 2012. Rosie’s been eating better and getting some exercise since her surgery and, feeling rejuvenated, has now embarked on a grueling work schedule.

She’s playing multi-night engagements up and down the East Coast, and her life partner Michelle Rounds, 42, wants her to slow down.“Michelle worries about the stress from the travel and late nights playing clubs,” disclosed a friend. “Rosie’s still re­covering from her gastric surgery.”

Added an insider: “Michelle also wants Rosie to have more time to spend with their baby Dakota and her four other kids (with ex-spouse Kelli Carpenter).”

One medical expert, who has not treated the funnylady, told The ENQUIRER that Michelle’s fears are warranted. Los Angeles-based weight-loss surgeon Dr. Carson Liu said that Rosie’s operation can pose health problems, especially if she eats too much. “The long-term risks include heartburn or reflux, pain in the stomach and other gastrointestinal issues if she should overeat,” said Dr. Liu.

What’s more, the failure rate for gastric sleeve surgery can be as high as 20 percent, he noted. But a rep for Rosie told The ENQUIRER: “Rosie is pacing herself appropri­ately with exercise and work. All good!”