Rosie O’Donnell is desperately trying to head off a divorce battle with longtime love Kelli Carpenter that could cost the star a big chunk of her $125 million estate and custody of their children, sources say.

Two months after The ENQUIRER exclusively reported Kelli had moved out of their home, sources tell The ENQUIRER that Kelli is not happy with the temporary custody arrangement for their four children, and Rosie fears her long-standing emotional problems could jeopardize her parenting the children.

"Rosie prays that she and Kelli won’t have to make their separation official because she knows her many problems could come into play," a close source divulged.

"On paper Kelli appears to be the better mom because she doesn’t have the baggage that Rosie does."

Rosie has admitted to having obsessive-compulsive disorder and ADD. After the Columbine school massacre more than a decade ago, Rosie – who’s also confessed to a drinking problem – said she was so depressed that she hinted at being suicidal and credited her doctor for saving her life.

"Rosie’s long-standing psychological, emotional and alcohol-related baggage would not sit well with a family court judge if she and Kelli can’t work out an amicable custody plan," said a friend of the couple.

"Kelli’s pals have told her she needs to make the split permanent, and she’s been meeting with a divorce lawyer," the close source disclosed. "

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