ROSEANNE’S FATHER Jerome Barr recently died from a heart attack, but his heart was broken years ago when his superstar daughter publicly accused him of molesting her.

The 71-year-old former Sears repairman passed away on April 9 — without ever reconciling with Roseanne.

“Ironically, Jerry hit a casino jackpot just days before he died,” a family friend revealed.

“Jerry told his wife Helen, ‘Who knows, baby, this could be the start of a lucky streak. Maybe we’ll even get our little girl back.’

Roseanne’s dad, who was Jewish, once sold crucifixes door-to-door.

“Poor Jerry never quite got over how Roseanne accused him of unspeakable acts which he denied to his dying breath.

“Back in 1991 Roseanne said her father had molested her as a child and had even molested one of her daughters.

“Jerry retreated into seclusion and the rift estranged Roseanne from her entire family. She never forgave Jerry for the alleged misdeeds.”

Roseanne eventually sought a reconciliation with her father “to show you can heal from bad things,” but tragically it was not to be.

“Jerry clung to the hope that one day Roseanne would apologize,” the family friend continued.

“He told a pal, ‘My only wish is that Roseanne would come to her senses and apologize. I’d take her back in a minute. There’s nothing I want more than to see my daughter and grandchildren before I die.’

“At Jerry’s funeral in Salt Lake City, his entire family gathered to mourn his passing. All, that is, except Roseanne.”