ROBIN Williams’ death came almost seven years to the day he tragically lost his older brother Todd.

On August 14, 2007, 69-year-old Todd died from complications from heart surgery performed on him a month earlier.

A friend told The ENQUIRER: “Todd was one of Robin’s two half-brothers and his death was devastating to Robin, who was grief stricken over his passing.

“It’s ironic that Robin died almost to the day seven years later.”

Todd was a winemaker, born Robert Todd Williams, but nicknamed in the family as “Toad.” He died at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, close to the Toad Hollow Vineyards he founded in Healdsburg, Calif.

At the time of his brother’s death, Robin said: “He touched a lot of people in the winery business. He was a man who lived a great life. He leaves a big footprint – a big footprint with a cork.” Robert made Toad Hollow famous through its strange toad-themed wine labels.

At the time sources told The ENQUIRER that Todd’s death put more pressures on Robin. Said a source: “At the time his brother’s death put more pressure on Robin, who was trying to stay off alcohol.

“Robin had managed to stay on the wagon for 20 years, but in 2004 he began drinking again and was in rehab a year before Todd died. “When Todd died, Robin was filming ‘Old Dogs’ with Kelly Preston in Greenwich, Conn., and Robin was going to AA meetings there in an attempt to stay sober.”

His brother, who appeared as a bartender with Robin in “Mrs. Doubtfire” called his customers and pals at Toad Manner his “Marina maggots,” which Robin said was appropriate. Robin added: “It’s in the genes. Toad was outrageous, maybe even more than me. Hard to believe but it's true."