BRAVE Robin Roberts is set to wed her lesbian love Amber Laign, but pals fear the harsh glare of the spotlight and a potentially tough prenup will destroy their future happiness.

Sources say massage therapist Amber, 39, deliberately stayed in the background during her 10-year romance with the be­loved “Good Morning America” co-anchor. But now that cancer survivor Robin, 53, has exposed their relationship, friends fear Amber’s distaste for publicity could sabotage their romance.

“Amber by nature doesn’t like a lot of attention directed her way,” said a pal.

“It’s not that she’s shy.  On the contrary, Amber is quite out­going, yet at the same time she values her privacy. Being thrust into the spotlight is going to be a huge adjustment for her, and one she might not be able to make.”

Robin ripped the covers off the couple’s relationship in December when she publicly thanked Amber on her Facebook page for supporting her during her battles with breast cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome.

“Until then, Amber had been leading a relatively quiet life with Robin,” a friend noted.

“While their families and friends were aware of their personal situation, they avoided public scrutiny. The good, and especially the bad, that can come from being in the limelight could cause a huge strain in their relationship. Amber might simply not be able to cope.”

Meanwhile, Robin’s health could also affect their future. She successfully beat MDS, a blood and bone marrow disorder, after undergoing chemotherapy and receiving a bone-marrow transplant.

But the morning TV favorite still receives chemo injections, and medical experts warn that a bone-marrow trans­plant for MDS doesn’t guarantee it won’t return.

“While Amber gave much-needed emotional support to Robin through both cancer battles, having to go through it all over again might be too much for her,” said a pal of the couple.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, family and friends also are urging Robin to ink an iron-clad prenup to protect her fortune.

With the $20 million-a-year, five-year deal that she recently signed to stay with “GMA,” Robin – already worth an estimated $25 million – could accumulate a $125 million nest egg.

“Legalizing her union with Amber will bring Robin great joy,” said the source.

“But at the same time, her family and friends want to see her protected financially. They’re concerned that after years of hard work, Robin could lose half of her assets in a divorce.”

While an ABC News spokesperson said there’s “absolutely no truth” to claims of problems in Robin’s ro­mance, another source said: “Robin has had previous relationships that ended in heartbreak, and those close to her want her to deal with her upcoming mar­riage realistically.”