Robert Wagner Gay Secret

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REVEALED! The senses shattering truth behind ROBERT WAGNER’s gay “mentor”!

IN Wagner’s autobiography “Pieces of My Heart” Wagner boasted of his many love affairs yet expressed surprise that his mentor during his 20th Century Fox years, CLIFTON WEBB had never made a pass at him.

Webb, who costarred with RJ in “The Star and Stripes Forever” and “Titanic”, presided over “an elite inner circle at Fox and Wagner was invited to join the inner circle.

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“Clifton had a string of enormous successes. There was “Laura,” and “The Razor’s Edge,” then “Mr. Belvedere” and two sequels, “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and “Titanic” – all big hits,” Wagner writes in his memoir.

“Clifton was gay, of course, but he never made a pass at me, not that he would have,” Wagner declared unabashedly in the 2008 book.

Webb also introduced Wagner to playwright/ bon vivant Noel Coward who put his hand on Wagner’s leg, asking Wagner, he wrote in the book, if he was “by any chance homosexual?”.

Wagner wrote that he replied, “No, I’m not” and then Coward responded, “what a pity.”

Interestingly enough when Wagner’s memoir was first published RJ admitted he had been the boy toy of a much older costar who also appeared with him in “Titanic”.

He claimed he had a secret four year affair with BARBARA STANWYCK, the star of “Double Indemnity”, “Ball of Fire” and TV’s “The Big Valley”.

They met on the set of “Titanic” in 1953.    Wagner was 22 while she was 45.

“Missy”, as Stanwyck was known to insiders, kept their affair secret from friends and press.

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But according to multiple sources, Stanwyck was a renowned bisexual – equally as famous for both male and female lovers.

Later, Wagner married and divorced — and then remarried Natalie Wood. They were together until her tragic death from drowning in 1981.

He later married Jill St. John in 1990 after an 8 year courtship. Coincidentally, Jill was a childhood acquaintance of Natalie, and also of Wagner’s “Hart to Hart” costar Stefanie Powers — who played his TV wife.