Dancing with the Stars”alumnus Rob Kardashian has his celebrity clan and friends deeply concerned he’s struggling desperately with rumors about his sexual identity.

On April 1, the reality star, the subject of persistent rumors that he’s gay, posted a troubling cryptic message on his Twitter account, declaring: “No one will  ever understand how much it hurts.”

His heartbreaking comment has the Kardashians and especially mom Kris Jenner “wondering if Rob is torturing

himself because he’s different” and “doesn’t yet have the courage to admit it,” disclosed a close source.

“Rob hasn’t dated since girlfriend Rita Ora dumped him in December 2012, and he recently announced he doesn’t plan on ever getting married. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in dating.

“Rob was always a sensitive, softspoken guy, more comfortable talking fashion than sports. It seems like now all the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together.”

Sources say that the 27-year-old is also troubled by his weight, which may be a result of his inner torment. Rob’s packed on 70 pounds since his appearance on “DWTS” in 2011.

Sources say Rob may also be tortured by rumors questioning his sexuality in light of recent actions by his 64-year-old stepdad Bruce Jenner.

The ENQUIRER revealed that the former Olympian underwent a surgical procedure to reduce the size of his Adam’s Apple, which experts say is often a first step in gender-reassignment surgery. “Everyone is wondering if this speculation about Bruce sparked Rob to examine his own public sexual identity,” said the source.

“Rob has always said he admires Bruce for having the courage to live authentically and honestly.

“Rob has been talking like a guy ready to unburden himself of a secret.”