RIHANNA’s ruse to make Chris Brown jealous by cozying up to another woman backfired when HE gave HER the heave-ho, a source told The ENQUIRER.

The 25-year-old Barbadian bomb­shell was recently photographed sitting on the lap of a masculine-looking woman.

THAT woman later took to Twitter and gushed about how “good” Rihanna smells, then added: “Rihanna I miss you.” She followed that tweet with an image of a broken heart.

It wasn’t long before those messages sparked talk on the Web about RiRi ditching Chris for a “masculine new” girl­friend. But it was Chris who revealed during a radio interview in Australia that the on-again/off-again couple were going their separate ways.

“I can’t be focused on wife-ing somebody that young,” he said, then reportedly celebrated his 24th birthday in Las Vegas on May 4 with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Fans were stunned when Rihan­na got back with Chris late last year. The two had split in 2009 after he beat her savagely during an argu­ment, and those close to her hoped they would stay apart for good.

But, says the source, Rihan­na doesn’t care what any­one else thinks so long as her career contin­ues to soar.

“There are three things about Ri­hanna that are absolute,” a fam­ily friend revealed. “She loves to per­form, she loves to party hard, and she loves to shock people.

“They can call her a lesbian – or a fool because she keeps coming back to Chris. BUT at the end of the day, all she cares about is how many albums she’s selling.”