The ENQUIRER reports top GOP presidential candidate RICK PERRY has tied himself to a controversial spiritual adviser who political sources say could wreck his White House run!

Christian activist ALICE PATTERSON, whose grandfather The ENQUIRER learned was in the Ku Klux Klan, believes the Democratic Party is literally con­trolled by demonic spirits, and she’s drawn fire for blasting ex-President George W. Bush, condemning gays and declaring that widows who don’t remarry should be denied aid.

Gov. Perry shared the stage with Patterson and even hugged her, when he spoke to a 30,000- strong crowd at The Response prayer event in Houston, Texas, on Aug. 6.

Patterson is an “apostle” with a Christian group called the New Ap­ostolic Reformation, and helped organize the prayer session.

Now political pundits are comparing her inflammatory statements to those made by President Barack Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

 “Wright almost destroyed Obama’s chances, and Patter­son could do the same for Perry,” a political insider told The ENQUIRER.

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