RICHARD BURTON’s widow is sick to death of being asked about his “great love story” with ELIZABETH TAYLOR.

Sally Burton, the widow of Richard Burton, insists that their two divorces are a testament to FAILURE.

The tumultuous couple enjoyed a passionate first meeting as they made woo on the set of Cleopatra in 1963.

 Liz and Dick then romanced, fought, wed and divorced twice over a boozy 13-year period.

Following the wake of Liz’s death the media resurrected the myth of Liz’s & Dick’s love and no one was more incensed than his widow.  

 "I get p**sed off with all the talk of the great love story,” Sally Burton told press.

"Yes, they were in love but they got divorced twice, that means their marriage didn't work."

Sally also told press of her pain as she visited the ancestral home of the Welsh hunk.

 She had married Burton in 1983 only to lose him as he died a year later.

"When you marry someone older than you it's almost taken for granted that one day you might lose them, but I did not expect to lose him when I was still in my 30s and he was only in his 50s."