Cheryl Hines is now the one caught in a cheating scandal! 

A day after Cheryl’s Aug. 2 wedding to notorious womanizer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – who’d been accused of cheating on her during their engagement – he let slip that he was romantically involved with the star while she was STILL married!

In an Aug. 3 interview with “The New York Times,” Kennedy recounted how Cheryl’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” co-star Larry David attempted to fix them up while Cheryl was still hitched. The article said “nothing came of it,” but Kennedy admitted that during a ski-related gettogether sparks flew.

Kennedy told the paper: “I was separated at the time, and Cheryl was still married.”

While previous published reports said RFK Jr. and the actress didn’t start dating until Dec. 2011, the shocking admission shows the couple apparently hooked up before Cheryl’s husband Paul Young, a producer and manager, filed for divorce on July 20, 2010.

A source told The ENQUIRER: “Whether Kennedy intended his admission to slip out or not, it shows that Cheryl may have been two-timing her hubby.”

Concluded the source: “If Cheryl was indeed cheating, it means the two of them are well suited for each another.”