HERE’s one “Kardashian” that wouldn’t be hard to “keep up with” – because he’s dirt-poor and lives in a humble shack in Turkey.

Using his town’s only Internet connection, Mu­hammer Copur discovered that Kim and her siblings are his fourth cousins. And now he’s inviting the reality diva and her baby daddy Kanye West to leave their luxurious $11 million mansion that they’re building and visit him in his two-bed hovel, where he lives with his mom and five brothers and sisters.

Kim, 32, is the great-great-grand­daughter of refugees who fled the village of Karakale, Turkey, to escape a bloody conflict.

“It would be like an earthquake if Kim visited the village because so many men would come and see her,” declared Muhammer, 29.

“She is beautiful, just like some of the women in this village. I would love her to come and see her relatives.

“It would also be fun to go to America and be on her TV show, but I must first get a passport.

“I don’t want money, but I would like to sit and have a cup of tea with her.”

Muhammer – who earns $70 a week running a general store – says he is proud of the fame Kim has achieved. But he points out that if her great-great-grandmother had not fled to America with her husband, life would be different for the pampered socialite in his town of about 400.

“In Karakale,” he said, “she would be herding cattle from dusk until dawn.”