BUTCH PATRICK, best known  as Eddie Munster on the 1960’s TV horror-com THE MUNSTERS, is ALIIIIIIIIVE! reports Butch  has celebrated 90 days in rehab, and more than 100 days of sobriety, and is now voluntarily living in private housing at a treatment facility.

"I went to visit him to celebrate his 90 day chip and was blown away at how he looked," his rep, Jodi Ritzen, said.

"He was wearing a suit, got a short hair cut and appears a good 10 years younger."

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Butch, 57, entered a rehab facility in Orange County, California last November after friends and family desperately pleaded with him to tackle his 40-year addiction to cocaine and alcohol.

"He is very into the program and all his brothers and sisters along with his mother attended the ceremony in California," Ritzen said.

"Butch had the opportunity to speak and expressed his gratitude for his family and friends traveling to see him and continue to support him…This is the first time that Butch has admitted to having a real problem and needing to get help."

Butch has already resurrected his convention attending career, nailing his first app as special guest at upcoming Chiller Theatre fear fest in New Jersey.

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