Kate Gosselin may have boo-hooed on The Today Show but she has NBC staffers Pissed-OFF, according to reports!

Kate Gosselin added to her alleged bitchy rep after her interview with Meredith Vieira, multiple sources told the Chicago Sun Times.

"A total bitch," said one longtime NBC staffer told the paper.

"We get virtually all of the world’s biggest egos coming through here," added the source. "But Kate was one of the most unpleasant I’ve seen in working here for many years.” 

Another NBC insider told the tab that KG was miffed and threatened to walk when she thought cameras might catch sight of her voluminous entourage of hunky bodyguards and hanger-ons illustrating just how much her life had changed since JK8 became a hit – thanks largely to typical "reality" show shenanigans – fightin’, feudin’ & cheatin’.

”She was swearing like a drunken sailor as she stormed out,” the insider told the Chicago paper as Kate was overheard trashing Viera.

”Meredith very clearly, and in a straightforward way, asked exactly the questions you’d expect — the alleged affair with her bodyguard — which really seemed to piss [her] off — her relationship with Jon, how her kids were doing and whether ‘if you could do it over again, would you?’ ”

Reps from NBC Today denied the reports, issuing a statement that Kate Gosselin was "always welcome at Today" and was a model guest.

Later that day, Kate dropped major coinage at FAO Schwartz – ALL for the children.