Softhearted Renee Zellweger spotted a homeless man lying on a sidewalk in chilly Toronto — and stopped to give him her warm winter gloves and a hot, nourishing meal!

Her touching act, witnessed by neighborhood residents, proves success hasn’t caused the “Bridget Jones’s Diary” star to lose her compassion for the less fortunate. And this week’s issues of The ENQUIRER has exclusive pictures recording the actress’ inspiring deed.

“While driving down the street, Renee spotted the man lying on a sidewalk, wrapped in a blanket and shivering in the cold winter wind,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER.

“Without even hesitating, she pulled her SUV to the side of the road, removed the warm gloves from her hands, and gave them to the stranger. People were absolutely awestruck!”

Renee had spent a long day working with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere on the set of her new movie “Chicago” and was heading home when she stopped to be the Good Samaritan. And, incredibly, she gave more than her gloves to the grateful man.

“After spending several moments chatting with the stranger, she went into a nearby restaurant,” the eyewitness said. “While she was inside, the homeless man told his street friends that the famous movie star, Renee Zellweger, had given him a pair of warm gloves. He was trying to convince them that he wasn’t just making it up, when Renee walked out of the restaurant carrying a bag of food!

“Renee walked right up to the homeless man and handed him the food she bought for him at the restaurant, and once again his face lit up with joy.

“The stranger’s friends were so impressed by Renee’s kindness they gave her a flower to take with her. Then they waved goodbye to Renee as she drove away, and huddled together to feast on the hot meal.”