Mike Walker

Regis Philbin: Aging Star’s Night Terrors

Beloved host suffers new health crisis!

Regis Philbin: Aging Star’s Night Terrors thumbnail

Mike Walker Reports… The times, they are a-tickin’ — but not in a good way for 85-year-old Regis Philbin!

The beloved TV star is groaning to pals that he’s dead exhausted because insomnia and mega-scary nightmares are suddenly haunting him!

Reported My Late-Night Spy: “Regis never had problems getting shut-eye, but now shudders he’s scared to sleep amid fears he’ll never wake up — plus he dreads endless, bone-chilling nightmares starring hateful ex-‘Live’ sidekick Kelly Ripa!

“Regis once happily nodded off to ‘Seinfeld’ reruns at bedtime, snoring even before the credits ran. Now he moans that he lies helplessly wide-eyed as the clock ticks waaay past 3!”